Welcome to a novel art form

molecular models, sculptures, and abstractions.

Nature, reflected in the life sciences, offers a living demonstration of the vitality of form and function.
We see function all around us, but the forms escape our eyes at the molecular (nano) scale, because they are so very small.
The physical methods of crystallography, NMR, and cryo-electron microscopy open our eyes to minute molecules.

Here, you will see how physical descriptors of atoms and molecules can be cast into noble hardwoods and metals.
To the non-scientist, these may appear as esoteric forms of abstract art.
And even to the scientist not accustomed to working with molecular structures, the forms will appear foreign, exotic.
In any event, seek and see beauty as revealed by Nature herself.
Some viewers may see a resemblance to the work of contemporary architect-sculptors like Maya Lin, or the use of natural wood surfaces by Isamu Noguchi or George Nakashima but for others it may look just like college biochemistry – see for yourself.