Sculpting classes are a great way to learn a new skill as well as new people with similar interests to you. It can also be a new way to find something you enjoy doing and makes you feel relaxed. From small objects to life-size objects there is really no limit to what you can sculpt. As long as you are creative, have an interest and patience then sculpting might just be for you. You don’t have to be an artist to be able to sculpt as sculpting doesn’t mean it has to be done a certain way.


Sculpting classes in the UK


There is a range of different art and craft classes to get into in Glasgow such as art classes, baking classes, and even pottery classes. Sculpting classes can be found in many locations from Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Botanic Gardens, and many other places. There is also a great verity of activities to take part in across each of the locations.


Sculpting classes who can join

elephants made using materials sculpting classes

In sculpting classes, there are many different ways to do things such as attending different types of classes throughout the week at different times to fit in with other things you have to do throughout the day. You also don’t need to have any specific practice in sculpting as the facilities are open to everyone. Discounts are available for students and those who have taken part in other facilities in Glasgow Sculpting Studios.  They offer classes from adults to children over the age of 16 during the week and the weekends across various different times with many different packages to choose from.


Different types of sculpting materials

clay pottery sculpting classes

There are many different materials to use for sculpting such as clay, wood, metal and many more. Each class has different costs for each class. As well as sculpting there are other classes to choose from such as classes in using materials to make objects move. They also offer classes to do moulds with different materials such as clay silicone and plaster.  Taking part in these different activities can give you something to do after work or at the weekend with friends and family. They also offer you the chance to meet new people interested in the same things you like to do. As well as offer you some therapeutic time to relax after a long day at work.