Digital sculpting is the application of computer software which provides tools to manipulate, push, squeeze, grab, pinch or in other ways manipulate an object as though it were realistically made of a fine-toothed clay slab. There are artists who specialise in digital sculpting and there are others who make digital sculptures from scratch. Here are some ideas on how to make your own digital sculptures:

Some create realistic models from real-life clay using the software. Most people are familiar with how sculpture and porcelain are created by real life sculptors. You create your model from a collection of actual photos or scanned photos into a computer program. This creates a virtual model from your original image. You can also create your own 3d digital sculptures from scratch by scanning your original photos and converting them to a computer file.

You can even make a 3d digital sculpture from scratch by using some 3d printing applications. Some 3d printing applications actually allow you to see what your new sculpture will look like before you print it out. Some companies offer sculpting services where you can use their printers to print the materials required for your sculpture. They will cut the materials to the size of your chosen piece of clay using the appropriate tools and then hand carve the design into the material.

If you are more of a hands on learner, 3d digital sculpting is not out of reach. You can always hire a talented friend or family member to help you create your digital sculpture. However, this option is a lot more expensive than just making one from a computer. Also, in this process, you must be able to make use of all the three dimensional tools that are part of your computer application such as the brush, texture mapping tool and the Paint Shop Pro.

There are also some interesting options that are emerging. One of them is to actually become a 3d sculptor yourself. A lot of people have taken to producing a 3d digital sculpture from scratch. By learning the three dimensional sculpting tools and techniques from a professional, you can do the same. In fact, you can learn the techniques used by experienced professionals in the industry and apply them to your own work.

If you do not want to be in the studio all the time, you can still take advantage of the technology by getting your hands on a clay machine. The machines are available for rent and it allows you to easily create realistic clay sculptures without leaving the comfort of your house. Just visit an online store to check out the different types of clay machines. If you are still not satisfied with the types of clay used by the artists, you can ask them if you can try using their watercolor or oil paints for modeling your clay sculptures. The artists will be happy to accept your request since these paints offer clay modeling opportunities that will surely amaze your friends and admirers.

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