Modern-day sculpture and hand casting are trades that are widely believed to be reserved for art. However, despite the advances in technology, there are still many dishes that require the precision and delicacy that comes with good old-fashioned handy work. When it comes to making mugs, it’s not just the structure that can benefit from human touch. MS Mugs is a family run mug printing business in Scotland that sells UK mugs hand printed by local workers. This guide tells you all you need to know about this endearing company.

One of the UK mugs with a photograph of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at their wedding,

The Art of Mug Sculpture

MS Mugs products are made with bone china, one of the most expensive types of ceramics. Bone china is a type of porcelain but differs from the other types in two ways. First of all bone china contains bone ash content. The bone ash gives the bone china features such as high whiteness, translucency and strength. Secondly, during the sculpting process, it is fired two times in the kiln. The overall production process starting from raw materials and resulting in beautiful bone china UK mugs is lengthy. The process relies on complex machinery and highly skilled technicians.

The Best UK Mugs

MS Mugs sell an impressive collection of eclectic designs. From personalised messages and images to witty slogans to adorable designs, there is something for every person and every occasion. This family-run business work with famous designers, legendary writers and up and coming artists such as Quentin Blake, Orla Kelly, and Simon Drew just to name a few. The production process is just as impressive as the design team. Every single design is screen printed and applied by hand to the bone china mugs. Once decorated they are fired in the kiln and dispatched all over the world.

White mug with black and white highland cow drawn on the side, taken from UK Mugs collection at MS Mugs.

Why You Should Choose MS Mugs

There are so many reasons why MS Mugs are the best choice when it comes to buying bespoke and boutique mugs. The use of traditional screen printing and hand decorating provides a much higher quality product than competitors who use digital printing. Plus this production process creates jobs for skilled workers, while digital printing replaces the need for staff. Bone china, which is used to make these UK Mugs, is much finer than other types of porcelain, meaning that they are much nicer to drink from. Plus, bone china is much brighter and whiter than other types, therefore there is a higher contrast between the designs and the plain china. This makes the designs much bright, sharper and generally more attractive. One of the most important aspects of bone china is its strength. Since it is stronger and able to withstand more wear than other types of porcelain, you get more for your money than you would at an alternative UK mugs company.