Planning your wedding can be a stressful time. There’s almost an art to the whole process. Amongst sorting out dresses, suits, venue and floral arrangements, you will also have to look for wedding bands in Scotland, through businesses such as Elite Bands. Choosing your entertainment for your big day can be tough. This is a moment you are going to remember for the rest of your life – every aspect needs to be perfect. Here’s a quick guide to help you when hiring a band for your wedding:

·        Book Wedding Bands in Scotland Early

People go crazy when it comes to wedding entertainment. Bands are usually booked out twelve to eighteen months in advance! If you want to get your first choice then it is vital that you start trying to find them very quickly. Not only that, but by booking early you are more than likely going to save some money as well.

·        Consider an Off-Peak Booking

It will come as no surprise that the busiest period for wedding bands in Scotland are weekends during the summer. While nice weather in Scotland is never guaranteed, it’s certainly less of a risk than the winter months. However, the amount of money that can be saved on wedding entertainment when having your big day in an off-peak month or a week day is not to be scoffed at.

wedding bands in scotland

·        Think About Your Theme

A lot of weddings have themes. They may be something as flexible as “summertime” or something more specific like a 1920s themed reception. If you are thinking about having a theme then keep that in mind when booking your wedding band. You don’t want to have a 1980s themed band at a 20s themed event, it just wouldn’t fit.

·        Keep the Venue in Mind

Plenty of people don’t consider their venue when selecting their entertainment. You need to be able to accommodate the band’s needs. Otherwise they won’t be able to play or will be unhappy doing so. You should know the specifications of your venue and keep that in mind at all times.

wedding bands in scotland

·        Take Care of Them

If you keep the band happy, the night is going to go much smoother. Get them free refreshments, or even let them in on some food. If the band is happy then it will reflect in their performance, giving everyone a night to remember.

·        Always Check the T&Cs

When you are hiring a professional wedding band, they will make you sign a contract. It is important that you read the Terms & Conditions when doing so. Look at their cancellation terms as well as the contingency plans for any emergencies that may occur.

wedding bands in scotland

·        Book with a Trusted Agency

One way that you can ensure everything goes smoothly is by booking through a trusted agency. Agencies such as Elite Bands will ensure that you are getting the right entertainment for your big day. They will also put plans in place in case of emergencies.

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