Stone sculptures and statues are an increasingly popular way to decorate and improve the look of any outdoor area. A Stone sculpture is simply an unmade object designed from stone that has typically been molded or carved into a shape, usually in an artistic manner, to create a visually appealing three-dimensional figure. Stone is extremely durable compared to most other materials, meaning it is particularly important in exterior architectural sculpture, on the outside of modern buildings. In addition to the aesthetic qualities, Stone sculptures and statues can be both stunning and functional, and are used in a wide range of applications.

How Is Stone Crafted And Used?

Outside building enclosures have traditionally had a large amount of variation in materials and styles, but over recent years the use of Stone Sculptures and Statues is increasing significantly. Sculptures are now being used in entrances to courtyards and gardens, within building facades and entrances, in residential gardens, in the lobbies of offices, in a variety of public places, in the portico of hotels and pubs, in commercial buildings such as supermarket front blocks and in government buildings all over the world.

The list continues to grow as the range of places where these types of sculptures are now being placed increases. This is primarily due to the increased acceptance that Stone Sculptures and Statues have in terms of both function and visual appeal, and also because of their increasing popularity in terms of contemporary designers who have begun to incorporate them into modern day building designs.

Most commonly used materials for stone sculptures are either Marble or Granite. Marble is the most common material used, as it is capable of achieving a great degree of intricacy and creating designs that are commonly used in interior decorative applications, such as interior doorways and entrances. Due to the great level of durability that granite brings to the table, it is commonly used in exterior applications where stonework would normally be vulnerable to the elements. Granite is also frequently used as sidings and surrounds for entryways, where its durability and visual appeal combined with its affordability combine to make it a popular choice for exterior door surrounds and sidings.

Styles Available

As for the range of styles that are available in stone sculptures nowadays, there are currently many innovative artists creating exciting new styles and designs. One of the most popular genres is the ‘Gothic’ style, which showcases the use of natural materials such as soapstone, limestone and slate in a dark and Gothic manner. Other styles are the ‘Formalist’ style, which highlight the beauty of simple lines and solid color stone sculptures, and ‘Shimmering Style’ style which are heavily inspired by the use of highly polished glass and mirrors.

Other popular styles include the Pre-Raphaelite style, which highlights the flowing design of metalwork and the artistic use of mosaics and other geometrical patterns. However, some of the most unique styles are the ‘Minimalist’ style, which feature heavily scrolled textured surfaces, and the ‘Rural’ style, which focus on the natural beauty found in fields and forests.

Other Materials For Surfaces And Sculptures

Sculpture can be created on all different types of surfaces, ranging from wood, to metal, marble, ceramic, granite, slate, sandstone and clay. Common colors include yellow, brown, gray, blue, green, purple, orange and red. The type of material you choose will depend upon the overall style and feel of your building. Furthermore, the shape of the stone sculpture can be customized to fit any space. For example, a statue of a stylized lion may not fit in a minimalist space but would certainly add life and charm to a colonial building.

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