Learning new skills can be an overall lifelong experience and can be extremely rewarding. However in order to learn new skills often you have to sacrifice something of your own such as time , money or some of your own knowledge.

How/Where Can You Learn New Skills?

There are a variety of different institutions where you can learn new skills. One of the best places where you can learn new skills is a university known as the open university. The open university is a university which is made up of predominantly part time courses where people can study different things at university part time.

What makes the open university unique is the fact that it can be accessed from practically anywhere in the world and is specifically tailored towards people who work or live abroad or cannot fit university/college into their normal schedule. Through this university , skills , qualifications and degrees can be earned.

Another way in which you can learn new skills is by speaking to friends and participating in sport/meetings. Doing this will ensure that you can gain a better overall understanding of other skills and activities that you might not previously have had a good knowledge or understanding of overall.

Why Is Learning New Skills Important?

Learning new skills is important for a variety of different reasons. One of the main reasons why learning new skills is so important is the value that they can provide long term. Employers who are advertising for jobs are often looking for employees who have a variety of different skills. Often the wider your overall skillbase the better and more appealing this is for the employer overall.

Another reason why having a large skillset is important is being able to assist when people need help. There may come times where your friends need assistance with education or sport. Therefore the more knowledge you have in these areas the more you can help others.

An additional benefit to learning new skills is that you can meet new people when you are learning new skills. Meeting new people means that you can widen your social circle overall.

Are Skilled Jobs Becoming More Scarce?

It could be argued that skilled jobs are becoming more skilled overall. This is because large portions of the population are working in office jobs or altenatively in call centres. Some skilled jobs such as stone masons , blacksmiths and craftspeople are almost dying out completely.

This has come as a result of mass production of items in large factories as well as the ease and accessibility of shopping online. This has led to a marked decline in the number of people within skilled professions.

This is another key reason why it may be important to learn new skills as there are some traditional skills such as crafts skills and diy skills that may not always be around and therefore could become much more valuable to those that possess them.

Should Skills Be Seen As A Priority?

Overall skills should definitely be seen as a priority as they can help to open up a lot more opportunities for people overall and can help you to attain better employment.

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