Woodworm treatment is crucial if you are looking to tackle woodworm on any sculptures or properties that you own. The word ideally needs to be undertaken by property specialists who have years of experience in dealing with woodworm treatment overall in order to properly tackle the issue.

Woodworm treatment

What Is Woodworm And How Is It Caused?

Woodworm is condition that can affect wood in properties , sculptures , objects etc. It can lead to serious damage and completely destroy small pieces of wood and can even lead to irreversible structural damage to properties made up of wood or wooden materials.

Woodworm is made up of a type of beetle which burrows through the wood and consumes it from the inside out. Woodworm often leaves a number of visible traces that can be tell tale signs that you may have a woodworm problem.

One of the biggest and clearest signs of a woodworm infestation is lots of holes scattered across the wood as well as damp wood.Typically infestations occur when the wood is damp as this makes ideal conditions for the woodworm to thrive in.

Woodworm treatment

What Woodworm Treatment Is Effective And How Can It Be Prevented?

There are a number of different types of woodworm treatments that are effective however these need to be undertaken by property repair specialists. This is because the most common forms of woodworm treatment involve potentially dangerous chemicals which are used to eliminate the problem.

One way in which woodworm treatment can be prevented effectively is through adequately ventilating as well as cleaning a property. Properties that are dustier and damper due to issues such as damp and condensation are far more likely to attract woodworm. Another good way to prevent woodworm from occurring is installing new windows on a property

Installing new windows on a property means that it will be a lot less susceptible to damp and condensation overall. This means that the overall risk of woodworm is decreased significantly as less damp and condensation is likely to occur on or near the windows.

How Dangerous Can Woodworm Be?

Woodworm if left untreated can be extremely dangerous. This is because after a period of several months or years wood in structures can weaken to the point where they can become structurally unstable. This means that the building can collapse at any time and lead to serious injury or even death.

Overall woodworm is inherently dangerous and should be treated with caution.

woodworm treatment

What Are The Long Term Solutions To Woodworm?

Overall there are a number of long term solutions that can be made in order to treat and prevent woodworm overall. One of the major long term solutions to woodworm is to have a consultation with a property specialist. Having a consultation with a property specialist means that you can get an overall better understanding of woodworm and what actions can be taken by you or the property specialist to overcome the issue.

This means that in future you will be prepared for woodworm and equipped and informed on how to eliminate the issue.



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