Art is something that is very subjective and also can be personal to people depending on what the art depicts and the feelings that it inspires in people. Art for centuries has been a medium for communication as well as religious symbolism , creativity and ideas for the future.

However as time has moved on increasingly the meaning of art is becoming more and more diluted and it much of the art world has been dominated by the richer parts of society.In this article we will evaluate the overall importance of art within society and try to establish why art is still relevant in modern society today.

What Is Art?

If you ask this question to people on the street each person may have a different or similar answer. Art is subjective and most people have differing opinions and thoughts about art in general and what it means to people overall. Some see it as the preserve of the elite and others as an important form of communication and something to be enjoyed by everyone.

One of the most recognised forms of art work is paintings. Paintings typically depict an image of a setting or a person and can be painted using a variety of different types of paints and pastels. One of the world most famous artists Vincent van gough had a serious of mental illnesses and this was often conveyed through the paintings he made. He died after shooting himself a poor man. However his paintings went on to be worth millions many years after he had passed away.

As well as being portrayed in paintings art can also be found in exhibits as well as objects you might not associate with art such as cars or tables. Almost anything can be transformed into art with a bit of forethought.

What Impact Has Art Had On Society

Art has had a significant impact on society overall. One of the most significant events has been the use of art in politics. During the 1950s cuban missile crisis and in the wake of it che- guevera became an idol and his image was copied into many different formats on t-shirts , posters etc. His image still remains a symbol of revolution to this day.

As well as revolutionary figures art has also been used to poke fun at politicians as well as royalty and government figureheads in a variety of different countries. An example of this British magazines such as private eye which use comic sketches to depict government figures as well royal figures. This is seen as comedy and political satire in the UK but in other countries such publications could lead to severe repercussions.


Overall there is a lot that can be concluded about art and its overall impact that it has had on the UK as a whole. What is clear is that art can be a divisive but also inclusive activity that can bring people together as well as dividing opinion. Art plays an important role in the world we live in and it is likely to remain with us for the foreseeable future.

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