One of the most exciting aspects of owning a piece of artwork is its historical significance. In many cases this kind of historical damage occurs accidentally. It’s common at a public party when individuals climb on statues intended for a specific use. But, sometimes, intentional vandalism, or even attempted theft, can cause the need for statue repair or statue restoration. When repairing a statue, the ultimate goal is to make sure the statue is repaired appropriately and to a high standard.

How In Demand Is Statue Repair?

Statue repair, although an art form in some parts of the world, has become a necessary component of managing and maintaining our public places. Some people, including city officials, feel that statues add beauty to the urban landscape. While some feel they enhance the ambiance of a location, others see them as an eyesore and liability. statue repair, therefore, is needed in these areas where objects are in danger of accidental damage or theft. These repairs involve restoring the statue or statues to near-new condition and sometimes they involve completely replacing the problematic statue with a new one.

statue repair process varies depending on the material, the statue is made of and the age of the original artwork on which it is made. The three most common materials for statues include clay, porcelain, and pottery. Clay material is frequently used to make busts, plaques, and statues of people, animals, and religious figures. Pottery is most often used to make decorative pottery pieces.

New Purchases

Statuettes on the market today can be made from almost any material imaginable. For example, it may be possible to purchase an original Buddha from India for less than $200 US dollars than a cast resin statue from China. The reason for the wide variety of materials on which statues are crafted is because people have chosen to purchase the items based on their own personal taste and lifestyle.

The easiest statue repair is often the easiest to complete and that is often the case when dealing with old cast plaster or stone statues. Old plaster statues and even natural-looking statues can be restored to near new condition simply by applying a thin coat of varnish or paint to them. When dealing with plaster statues, the simplest way to apply the paint is by using a brush. However, some states may require special tools. If the statue has a crack or spot, a small amount of paint may be required to fill the crack or spot.

Points To Remember And Note About Statues

For other statues, such as a copper bust statue, an iron crown or bust, or a bronze statue, the repair process involves a little more involved work. If the piece is made of metal, special tools may be needed to remove the tarnish and restore the statue to near new condition. In order to restore an iron bust statue to its former glory, you will first need to heat treat the bronze material so that the bronze can be oxidized. After the oxidization process is complete, the statue can then be painted with a base coat to protect it from further damage and/or repair.

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