Everyone in Edinburgh aspires to one day live in the famous Castle which overlooks the city. Okay, that was a lie. However, there’s no denying that the proposition sounds very appealing. Nu Rest provides services in upholstery in Edinburgh  which allows people to get a taste of Edinburgh Castle’s beautiful interior design in their own homes. Perhaps I wasn’t lying after all!

Edinburgh Castle In All Its Glory!

Think about the life of your furniture for a second. Every day of its life spent staring at the same old four walls. The homeowner being an unemployed slob that watches daytime tv all day is like winning the lottery for furniture, some entertainment for it. Being at work all week looking forward to a few pints at the weekend is what gets most of us through. Your furniture isn’t so lucky. They are always on shift, with no breaks permitted. Occasionally they will maybe get a couple of cushions on them giving them a makeover. This is arguably a bonus given the price of human make-up artists these days.

Treat Your Furniture and Yourself

upholstery in edinburgh

Now you’ve thought about this, don’t you feel guilty? When was the last time you treated your furniture to a dusting? Even a new cushion? Upholstery not only provides you with the opportunity to treat your furniture, it gives you the chance to make your home look much more luxurious and welcoming. Imagine your friend’s confusion when they can’t fathom how they’ve been teleported from their friends living room to the inside of Edinburgh Castle. YES, Nu Rest really do that good of a job!

Nu Rest Upholstery in Edinburgh

Nu Rest have an expertly trained team and have carried out more re-upholstery work than any other company in Scotland. A team with a combined 160+ years of experience in upholstery. Your eyes do not deceive you that really is OVER 160 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN UPHOLSTERY!  This vast amount of experience allows the company to cover all furniture including antique chairs, sofas and modern furniture.

Old Furniture in Edinburgh

upholstery in edinburgh

Undoubtedly you will have a piece of furniture in your home which is worn, stained or damaged. It may have been given a life sentence and been living in your attic or garage for years. Unloved, unwanted and unused. Nu Rest Upholstery in Edinburgh have expert skills which can not only save your furniture but provide it with a new lease of life making it fit to take pride of place in your living room again. Think of Nu Rest as a time machine. One visit with your furniture to our experts and they will have your furniture rolling back the years. Turns out there could be life in the old dog yet, the piece of furniture you gave up on years ago. Stop feeling guilty about it, give Nu Rest a call and make up for the lack of appreciation shown to the furniture that was with you before you from the beginning.


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