Technology overall is having a wide range of effects on society both positive and negative. This article will examine the overall benefits and negative effects that technology has had on society and affected the way we live overall.

Recent Developments In Technology

Recently there have been countless changes and developments in technology which have helped change how we function as a society overall. One of the most significant changes in the last 20 years has been the introduction of the smartphone into society.

The smartphone is a mobile phone which has many other capabilities such as a built in camera , radio , calendar , internet access , applications and many other sensors and unique features. In the last few years sales of the smartphone have skyrocketed due to celebrity endorsements as well as heavy advertising and falling prices.

It is now considered unusual for someone to not have a smartphone due to the market saturation being so heavy. However , although they carry many beneficial features, it is thought that smartphones could be having a negative impact on society as a whole.

How Have Smartphones Negatively Impacted Society

  • Many people choose to use their phones in social situations instead of interacting with other people
  • Smartphones can prove to be a significant distraction when trying to focus on a task
  • smartphones can vary massively in price and have led to millions of us throwing away valuable phones every year

What Other Technological Innovations Have Been Made

As well as the introduction of smartphones into society there has of course been a number of other technological innovations overall. One of the most significant innovations has been the development of electric cars. Increasingly more and more car manufacturers are looking to electric technology due to pressure from governments and climate change groups

Although electric car technology has been around for a long time recent innovations have meant that electric cars can travel further and faster than ever. Leading the current market for electric cars at the moment is Elon musk’s automobile company Tesla.

The cars that Tesla make have a range of unique and advantageous features such as autopilot , enhanced performance , significant range etc. This had led to an overall significant increase in sales.

What Does The Future Hold For Technology?

Due to the amount of technology currently being used within our society it is likely that technology will be heavily involved in the future. This is because currently technology plays a significant role in normal day to day activities such as work and travel.

It is likely that society will see more integration with computers and artificial intelligence overall in order to enhance existing systems and processes around the world. Innovation and new technology is likely to drive change across many different sectors and will likely have a significantly overall positive effect.


Overall to conclude it is clear that technology plays an important part within our society and should be valued overall. It is difficult to predict future technological change, but it is likely to be similar to the changes we are seeing currently.

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