A great way to tell if a restaurant is up to the mark is by relying on the reviews of the people that know the industry best. Rather than trusting random people on the internet, putting your stomach’s faith in the hands of Gordon Ramsay seems slightly more dependable.

A Wong: Restaurant Located on Wilton Street in London

This little Chinese joint has won the heart of many including Philip Howard. The garlic steamed lobster has become quite the hit with many chefs that are known to dine at the place on a weekly basis.

Bar and waiting inside a fancy restaurant

Bocca di Lupo: Restaurant in Soho London

You have always associated food with home, them this little bit Italian heaven could be the perfect stop. With some mind blowing dishes that are perfect for a cozy family dinner, this restaurant has easily made it to the top of the list.

Golden Dragon: Restaurant in London’s Chinatown

Multiple people frequent Chinatown without tasting this oriental delight that has been a favourite for Chef Fernando Peire for quite a while. Unlike other restaurants, the Golden Dragon offers you quite the meal at a great price of about 15 pounds per head.

William Curley, London

A little patisserie located in the middle of bustling London has managed to retain its charm over the years and win over Chef Claire Clark at the same time. Known for its delicious Easter eggs and wide range of chocolates, it has served as a great place to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Row of Restaurants in London

Café Spice Namaste- Located in White Chapel, East London

This Indian restaurant makes it a point to go back its roots with Cyrus Todiwala at its lead. A well known chef in London, he has brought India to England with his famous dishes and you also get to enjoy your meal in what used to be a 19th Century courthouse.

Fresh from the Sea

If fish food is what normally gets your taste buds salivating, Nathan Outlaw thinks you should try out this quaint little restaurant near the Port Isaac. This place makes you feel right at home and is somewhere you would go for a good meal with a bunch of friends. Food at its most genuine with a variety of dishes makes you want to keep going back.


Bruno Loubet has been a big fan of Leon for years now and it is pretty easy to understand why. Great prices and food that is melts in your mouth is what Leon is all about.

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